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This game is a Windows x64 executable. The final release will have more features and be balanced based on play testing feedback.


This game uses the idea of a quake style FPS mixed with stages based off super smash brothers and its ideas of recovery off stage and edge guarding a pit where if you fall in it means instant death. It has mechanics like shield, combos and hit stun.  There is a limit to how much damage you can take before you will die from it. There is no stocks just a scoreboard you can activate with the TAB key which shows scores for all connected players. All players must join and ready at the start of the match to play.

There is a double jump, where the second jump acts like an UP+A move in smash bros. with increased height and a forward momentum.

Keys: (can rebind in the input settings when launching the game)

Space (Jump) - activates a short jump if pressed quickly ("short hop"), if held it will produce a much higher jump ("long hop") press again in the air to double jump.

Esc - press to go back to the menu

Key 1, 2 - switch weapons, use 1 to switch to the rocket launcher and use 2 to switch to the railgun.

Left click (Fire1) - used to fire rockets, none of the guns need to reload. Shoot rockets at the feet of players to launch them further and knock them off the stage. Rockets do more damage to shield than the railgun, and the damage to a broken shield is significant. A hit on someone will cause them to receive a second of hitstun where they cannot shoot, shield or jump.

OR (depends on weapon selected)

- used to fire the railgun, which does triple the health damage than the rocket. Shields can absorb the energy shot however much better than when hit by rockets.

Right click (Fire2) - used to shield, it will show you how much shield you are using when you activate it, at 100 it will break when hit for a penalty. If you use your shield 2 frames before a rocket hits you, you get no shield damage and the rocket will rebound towards its initiator. If you can somehow do this 2 frames before a railgun hit, your shield will get regenerated back to full. You cannot use your weapons when in shield.

"F" Key - used to pull out your sword and attack, is quite slow and limited in range but has good damage and works well on shields.

The game uses the unity networking framework and has the options to create Internet or LAN games or join one. For internet to work, the host must forward port 7777. The first player must host and the second joins to that address as a client. Support for internet matches is provided with matchmaking and can have issues, but direct connect to your host's IP will always work. Just create a room and others can browse for games and find your room to join it. The Maximum player limit is 4.

The players can choose a name, and color, and then when all have clicked the ready button the game will start.

Next Version

In the future, I will have options for team battles of 2v2, and support for up to 8 players. The players will either battle 2v2 or 1v1, with the winners of each match facing off against one another in a tournament style setup where games are played concurrently and the losers can either leave or choose to spectate. Stocks for each player and settings to change this amount will be available.

More stages, the current one is based off final destination, but I have ideas to implement a battlefield map with platforms and one with a moving platform like smashville that travels over the edge and back again.

New options for recovery and edge guarding, and a lot of changes to the look to make the game feel more polished and unique.

Install instructions

Extract all files from the zip into a folder and run smashquake.exe. You computer must be running a 64 bit version of windows.

The game uses the unity networking framework and has the options to create Internet and LAN games or join one. The first player must host and the second joins to that address as a client. For internet games a unique room name must be given.

Join the discord to organise games and give feedback: https://discord.gg/cUqDNYn


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