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This is the client, I will be running the server from my computer during this testing phase. I will run the server if you join my discord https://discord.gg/cUqDNYn and tell me you want to play. Otherwise leaving it up 24/7 isn't viable unfortunately.

A game of survival. First person action with a scope and AK-74 but hitscan bullets. More weapons and ballistic physics to come in future versions. A scoreboard is kept of all players who entered the island and lists how many times they have died and how long they survived the most for one life. Press TAB to access the scoreboard.

Key status information about the player is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. Remember that a radiation level of 100 is critical and will cause you to lose health unless you find a radiation cure pickup (it looks like a 3d red cross kinda).

Press Esc to show the options menu, which allows you to quit, adjust audio volume and change the graphics quality settings.

Hitting the other player's head will take the most damage, then the chest and hitting arms and legs damages the least.

Each second your radiation from the zone increases, until you reach a critical point and start to lose health. Go towards the center to find more supplies like health, ammo, armour and radiation sickness cures to pick up.

 Do not step outside the safe zone! Shown by the laser fields and signs of hazard, this area will instantly make your radiation level critical.

The map is large and has notable points of interest to mark where you are.  The dome above can help mark your bearings.

Keys: W forward backward strafe right A strafe left, C crouch, Space jump, Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon, Right Mouse Button Use Scope to Zoom in and gain more accuracy.

All credit goes to the respective authors of the free assets used in creating this project.


MurderIslandClient.zip 253 MB

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